The General Election 2024: What it Means for Your Small Business

Jun 5, 2024 | Accounting

The General Election 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s more than just a national event; it’s a pivotal moment for small businesses across the UK. As we brace for potential changes and opportunities with a new government, it’s essential for small business owners to stay informed and prepared. In this blog, we’ll explore key issues that could impact small businesses and provide insights into what to watch for as election day approaches.


Key Issues for Small Businesses


1. Tax Policies

One of the primary concerns for small businesses is how the election could reshape the tax landscape. Different parties have varying approaches to corporate tax rates, VAT, and business rates. Proposed tax cuts or increases can significantly affect your bottom line. Keeping an eye on party manifestos and their tax plans will help you anticipate changes and strategize accordingly.

2. Regulations and Compliance

Regulations can make or break a small business. Changes in employment law, health and safety regulations, and industry-specific rules could be on the horizon. There might be shifts in policies regarding employee rights and benefits, which could affect your hiring practices and operational costs. Staying updated with the regulatory environment will ensure you remain compliant and avoid unexpected penalties.

3. Funding and Grants

Government support in the form of grants, loans, and other financial aid is crucial for many small businesses. Election promises often include new funding opportunities or alterations to existing schemes. Whether it’s more accessible grants for startups or improved loan conditions for SMEs, these changes can provide much-needed financial support. Be proactive in exploring these options and planning how to leverage them for growth.

4. Economic Policies

The overall economic strategy of the incoming government will influence the business environment. Policies aimed at boosting economic growth, controlling inflation, or managing public spending will impact consumer spending power and business costs. Understanding these broader economic policies will help you make informed decisions about pricing, investment, and expansion.

5. Digital and Infrastructure Development

Investment in digital infrastructure and technology can provide a significant boost to small businesses. Policies that promote better broadband access, support digital skills training, or fund tech innovation can help you stay competitive. Look out for election pledges that focus on enhancing digital capabilities and infrastructure improvements that could benefit your business operations.


Practical Steps to Prepare


Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with the latest news and analyses related to the election. Reliable sources include business news websites, government publications, and industry associations. Regularly checking these can provide insights into potential changes and how they might affect your business.

Engage with Local Business Communities

Networking with other small business owners can offer support and share valuable information. Local business forums, chambers of commerce, and industry groups often provide updates and organise events where you can learn more about the implications of the election.

Review and Adjust Your Business Plan

Consider the potential changes and adjust your business plan accordingly. Whether it’s revising your budget to accommodate possible tax changes or exploring new markets in response to economic policies, being flexible and proactive will help you stay ahead.

Seek Professional Advice

Consulting with financial advisors or accountants can provide clarity and tailored advice. They can help you understand the implications of policy changes on your business and guide you in making strategic decisions.


The General Election 2024 holds significant implications for small businesses. By staying informed, engaging with your business community, and being proactive, you can navigate these changes effectively.

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