Business development service

Boost your performance with our business development service

Developing and growing your business isn’t a walk in the park. It takes time, effort, and a bit of luck. Having the right people in the right place certainly helps, as does a successful product, but without solid planning, you can never be sure where you are on your journey.

What is business development?

On paper, business development can sound very, well, business-y. But if you need to summarise it in one sentence, it’s a series of discussions about improving your business.

Looking at areas where your company can grow, business development allows us to work closely together on your goals.

We’ll use our experience to help you make key decisions, understand the best steps for growth, and consolidate any of your existing plans. 

How do we develop your business?

No two businesses are the same, so how we develop your business is dependent on how you work. But there are some key areas we’ll focus on:

  • Accounting software training and installation advice
  • Preparation of business plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Preparation and review of regular management accounts
  • Help with management meetings to provide support and guidance
  • Attendance at meetings with banks and finance providers
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Long-term business and personal planning, including exit strategies
  • Assistance with energy efficiency reports
  • ROI and break-even analysis
  • Marketing, strategy, planning and communication

We’ll always start with a free consultation to discuss your business needs and the next steps before we work together properly.

Why is business development important?

It’s hard for businesses to find the time – or the inclination – to step back from your day-to-day and ask questions about how you do things. As a business owner, you’re time-poor, with limited resources to do everything you need to do.

But without dedicated planning time, you never really know where you’re at. This can lead to mixed messaging, missed opportunities and issues at board level.

Our business development service will provide a clear structure for looking at the bigger picture, allow you to focus on where you’d like your business to be, and act as a safe space for sharing ideas.

From staffing to premises, we will conduct an in-depth review of your business, and then look at where you can improve, together.

Why does this matter?

To become an efficient business, you need to look to the future. With our development service, you’ll get a clear picture of how things could be, and set clear expectations and goals to help you drive towards profitability and efficiency.

We’ll talk to you without any accounting speak, offering advice tailored to get the best result possible. 

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