Back office services

Outsourced support through our back office services

Not every business can employ an entire back office to support them. It’s just not cost-effective, especially when you’re in the process of growing a business.

What are back office services?

The back office is typically where the administrative teams would have been placed in an old working structure. Typically, they have little contact with customers (compared to a front office that deals directly with them).

How does a back office work?

You’ll have all the benefits of a finance team, who can do your payroll, admin, and company secretarial work, without the enormous overheads and staffing costs.

A company’s back office consists of administrative and support staff who do not interact directly with clients. 

Back office support services can include:

  • settlements
  • clearances
  • record maintenance
  • regulatory compliance
  • accounting
  • IT services.

Why do you need a back office team?

Doing business can mean countless hours of paperwork, and without extra hands to help you out, you could find yourself pulling all-nighters just to keep up.

With a monthly subscription, you’ll get your back room function taken care of – with our team looking after your business paperwork, and working seamlessly to match your standards. 

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