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Corporate legal services

When running a limited company, you’ll have lots of legal compliance to keep on top of. This could cover anything from your tax liabilities to HMRC to shareholder agreements. 

Employing a firm’s corporate legal services means you can rest assured that everything is running smoothly. We offer a full range of corporate legal services to support you through your day-to-day operations.

What do our corporate legal services cover?

While no two companies are the same, our range of services covers a broad spectrum of legal advice. What’s more, we take our time to get to know our client’s companies, so we can find the right solutions for them.

Our services include the following:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • joint ventures
  • internal reorganisation and structuring
  • shareholder agreements
  • corporate governance
  • loan agreements
  • tax planning advice.

Offering in-depth guidance

We can also offer support and guidance on the below, specialist areas.


As professional corporate law advisors, we can help work towards settlements between your company and any third parties regarding contracts or disputes.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

While no one wants to entertain the idea of dissolving their company or, worse, going bankrupt, we do provide our supportive services should it ever happen. Before it gets to that point, though, we provide business rescue services, which can hopefully turn things around before any critical decisions are made.

Employment law

As a company director, it’s important to ensure that you have the right safeguards in place when it comes to your employees. 

Health and safety laws, terms and conditions of employment contracts and conflict resolution are integral parts of any company’s legal compliance. 

Debt recovery

Corporate debt recovery is a common service we provide for our clients. As there are many legal guidelines to follow, it takes expertise and knowledge of Government legislation to ensure everything is done by the book.

Staying on the right side of corporate law

After years of working closely with limited companies and HMRC, we know all there is to ensure you stay compliant with your corporate liabilities and legal obligations.

Our corporate legal services are available for anyone looking to ensure they’re getting things right.

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