Cash Flow management

Our cash flow management service

Cash flow management can make or break your business, no matter what you sell. While staying out of debt may be a priority, late payments or non-payments could seriously hurt your finances.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Cash (as the saying goes) is the lifeblood of your business, so looking after it means nourishing the whole company.

What is cash flow management? 

Cash flow management is about tracking money and monitoring it against outgoings like bills and salaries.

By understanding how your cash flow works, you can accurately forecast your company profits, identify opportunities and build statistics into your business plans.

How do I know I need to improve my cash flow?

You may have already identified a cash flow problem in your business – maybe you’re spending too much on stock and not selling enough to justify it. Or perhaps a supplier has gone out of business after you’ve paid them, leaving you without any means to provide for your customers.

Whatever the situation, managing your cash flow means looking for areas where you can get your finances out of the red and into the black on a balance sheet. It’s a simple enough concept, but in a fast-moving business, it can prove challenging.

When you manage your cash flow well, you’ll get a complete picture of cost versus revenue, ensuring you have enough funds to pay your bills and turn a profit.

Why should you trust us with your cash flow problems?

Our experts love to sink their teeth into your cash flow problems, create cash flow forecasts, or just talk to you about your financial health.

In the short term, you’ll get a clear indication of where you’re going wrong and how to fix it.

Long term? You’ll hopefully be on the pathway to success with a clear financial understanding that will help you get the proper backing to grow your business.

It’s a lot easier to get a line of credit and increase your working capital if you can prove to the bank that your finances are under control.

Get your finances sorted by accountants who care